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MATRIMONY By HappilyEverMuhammad

MATRIMONY By HappilyEverMuhammad

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This Scent Romantically Titled  “MATRIMONY” Will Make You Feel Like You Are In A Beautiful Cabin In The Woods By A Warm Fireplace Cuddling With The One You Love. Filled With Amber, Coconut Milk, Tonka Beans & Yuzu The Warm Smokey Scent Will Be A Staple In Your Scent Rotation

BENEFITS : Products Are 100% All Natural & Can Replace Many Toxics Products That You May Currently Have In Your Home Such As Perfumes & Non Soy Candles 


Many Of The Natural Essential Oils In Our Products Have Calming Agents , Can Lessen Feelings Of Anxiety Depression & Tension , Alleviate Negative Emotional Stress , Used For The Treatment Of Headaches & Stomachaches , Nerve Soothing , Promotes Restful Sleep , The Ability To Lift Your Mood , Natural aphrodisiac 


Aromatherapy - Taking A Warm Bath Or Shower Spray & Watch Your Entire Experience Change  


On Bedding & Linens - Spray On Bed Once It’s Made Or Right Before You Get In At Night & You’ll Have The Best Sleep Of Your Life 


On Clothes - Perfumes Are Filled With Toxins ! Replace With Our Aromatherapy Spray & Not Only Will You Smell Good All Day You’ll Feel Even Better 


In Diffuser - Pump 4 / 5 Sprays Into A Essential Oil Diffuser & Create A Romantic Oasis In Any Room


On Wet Laundry - Bye Bye Dryer Sheets ! Spray On Wet Clothes As They Come Out Of The Wash & You’ll Never Look Back At Dryer Sheets Again ! Clothes Will Smell Amazing Until The Next Wash  




All bottles are 1oz and contain 240 pumps. this atomizer reduces waste and makes for the perfect travel accessory.

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